Gratitude bag, Faux leather (Black, Brown) with Gold or Silver Studs or Rhinestone

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Tone on tone. Beautiful faux leather GRATITUDE bag with "GRATITUDE" in black studs.

This faux leather GRATITUDE bag says is adorned with studs or rhinestomes

A GRATITUDE bag is a personalized, portable GRATITUDE journal. GRATITUDE bags make practicing gratitude easy by keeping you focused on your joys rather than your "oys"! 

Every GRATITUDE bag contains 36 GRATITUDE cards and instructions.  Each morning or before bed, write down your GRATITUDE W.I.N.S. To find your GRATITUDE W.I.N.S. answer the following questions. 

  • W - Who or what made a difference for me? 
  • I -   What did I do for myself or others?
  • N - How did I nourish my mind, body, or spirit?
  • S - What made me smile or laugh until my sides hurt?

Read your GRATITUDE cards whenever you want to:

  • Smile
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Go from grumpy to GRATEFUL
  • Relive some of your favorite memories.
  • Be motivated 

Choose between:

  • Black bag with black studs
  • Black bag with rhinestones
  • Black bag with silver studs
  • Brown bag with gold studs


Customer Reviews

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Sue Marcus Warren
No complaints, beautiful and uplifting!

Having filled up my initial Gratitude cards, glad to have this snazzy updated, new one...a positive reminder to ACCENTUATE and write out my Gratitude actions, feelings and memories.