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This 52 week GRATITUDE Journal was created for you to document all of your GRATITUDE W.I.N.S. This Journal is overflowing with positive vibes and it's loaded with GRATITUDE Action steps. Not feeling GRATEFUL right now? Do a GRATITUDE Action Step at the bottom of each page and you will create a Moment of GRATITUDE. 

This Journal will also introduce you to some amazing business owners who are offering free gifts.  

Customer Reviews

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Penny Stevens

My jorunq

Melissa J.

My favorite product, besides the tees which are super conversation starters with like minds, is the Gratitude Journal. The Gratitude Journal has positively influenced the way my internal thought processes allow me to perceive myself and the outside world. It doesn't happen overnight; it must become a daily habit to really feel authentic. In other words, practice each day - nothing big, just 3 to 5 things your grateful for in your day. One day, out of the blue, something shifts and you have that "ah-ha" moment. You realize that intentionally practiced Gratitude can be life changing. Just the act of intentionally writing 2 to 3 things in the morning or evening can improve your perception and become a healthy habit FOR YOU. This is a practice I adopted from reading a Gratitude Movement email late one night. So, in the morning and at night I write 2 to 3 things I accomplished that day, or people I deeply connected with, or things I am grateful or proud about myself. It has been an enlightening journey, but one that I feel resonates with me. Try it. You may just find a new positive and healthy practice. GET THE JOURNAL. It's worth so much more than what you'll spend.

Thank you, V.
Love you, my friend.
Melissa Jimenez