BLESSED shirt, Black 100% cotton tee, Infant/Toddler

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This cute cotton t-shirt says #BLESSED across the front and Living in GRATITUDE Today along the side.

Teach them young to count their blessings. 

100% cotton. Get a Matching one for Mommy and Daddy

When you wear a #BLESSED shirt: 

You are reminded that you are Living in GRATITUDE Today
BLESSED becomes your Superpower
Spread positive vibes to the people around you
Start great conversations - cause you to focus on what you have
Get all our hashtags.


All shirts say, Living in GRATITUDE Today across the bottom.

We have shirts for mommy and daddy too. 

Wash inside out

Hang dry or low tumble dry

Wash inside out

Hang dry or low tumble dry

Adult sizes available as well.