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GRATITUDE bag - Red Plaid bags Contains 36 GRATITUDE cards and a pen

You will notice that the more you write about what you are grateful for, the more you will have to write. Additionally, it becomes easier to find something to celebrate in the most difficult times.

What is a GRATITUDE bag?
Your GRATITUDE bag is a personalized, portable, inspirational, mood shifter. It contains a snapshot of your life experiences, both large and small, that you are most GRATEFUL for.
Each bag is as different as the person creating it!

How do I use my GRATITUDE bag?
Every GRATITUDE bag contains 36 GRATITUDE cards and a pen. Each time you achieve a goal, turn a dream into a reality, or experience something that warms your heart , write it down on a GRATITUDE card. You can also jot down your favorite affirmation or inspirational quote. Place your GRATITUDE cards in your GRATITUDE bag and keep your bag nearby.

When should I use my GRATITUDE bag?
Anytime you need to be reminded of life’s gifts, bring a smile to your face, affirm a commitment, or
shift your mood, pull out your GRATITUDE bag. Read its contents.
Be inspired. Be proud. Be GRATEFUL!