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GRATITUDE bag -Baby blue faux linen with blue and white daisy, Fully lined. Contains 36 GRATITUDE cards and a pen

What are GRATITUDE bags?

GRATITUDE bags are beautiful drawstring pouches that fit in a purse or briefcase containing 36 GRATITUDE cards and a pen?

What should I write on my GRATITUDE cards?

Anything that makes you smile or feel good.
Some Examples:
The goal you achieved (large or small)
The nice thing someone did for you
Describe the time you spent time with a loved one
What made you laugh till your sides hurt.
The new thing you learned

Why do I need a GRATITUDE bagTM?

Reminds you of milestones and
momentous moments
Helps you focus on what works in your life
Makes you feel good.
Helps you celebrate victories
Keeps you present
Makes you smile
Helps you attract more of what works.